13 – Mangiare all’estero: Italiano o Locale? – 391 306 2453 – Non è la Zanzara TubeRadio
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Youtube limits the characters i can write in this description, so it is impossible for me to credit the dozen of artists that i have featured in this live.
All the music you listen in this Live come from this YouTube channel:
FlyingTunes Premium Music
and especially from this Playlist:

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and all the Artists featured in this Live:

Aerolyin, Arrow To Athens, Bridge to Grace, Broach, Broken Season, Cenacle, Chrysalis, Cold Driven, Cold Kingdom, Dark Signal, Defences, Emergent, Ends with a Bullet, Envoi, Fivefold, Ghost of August, Hollow Point Heroes, Light up the Darkness, Message From Sylvia, Mosaic, New day Rising, No Better, One day Waiting, ONLAP, Our Waking Hour, Ravenface, Shallow Side, Sidewise, Solence, Stria, The fallen State, The last Element, The Potenzas, To no Avail, We Are the Empty.

Il nostro *tormentone* è:
“Tony Montana” by “Kidd Prodigy Ft Blaze Hollow & E Bling” is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence.

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